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Bulmers is at Kendal Calling!

The line up for Kendal Calling is like a Who’s Who of the people playing at Kendal Calling, and if you’re going to be there make sure that in between throwing shapes you pay the Bulmers Colourena a visit!

It’s a place where anything goes and dreams come true – assuming that your dreams involve racing people on space hoppers or wrestling with strangers in jelly. Or perhaps you’re more of a paint-fight kinda guy/gal, in which case you have permission to go totally bonkers, because the Colourena hosts two mass paint fights per day!


Music, dancing, Bulmers, paint, jelly, members of the public doing the caterpillar in their sleeping bags – make our Colourena one of your must-visit hotspots at this year’s Kendal Calling. Grab a straw hat and a bib and we’ll see you there!