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Bulmers is at the Isle of Wight Festival!

If you’re heading to the Isle of Wight Festival and you thought you were already excited by the lineup, prepare to get seriously giddy, because we’re going to be there too!

That’s right. We will be cooking up some serious festival vibes in The Colourena, which you could describe as “an insane amphitheatre” or “a place where dreams come true” or “somewhere where there’s lots of colourful fun”.

Visit the Colourena, and you will get to enjoy some of the planet’s most consistently magnificent DJs, join in with welly wanging, daily paint fights, and jelly wrestling. Race one another on space hoppers, climb into a sleeping bag and pretend to be a caterpillar. Watch actual people dressed as fruit having a dance off.

Come along, bring shades, or don’t bring shades – it’s up to you. We recommend shades though.