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LiveColourful.LIVE – The Full Journey

2015 will be remembered as the year that Bulmers merged Grime with orchestral music for LiveColourful.LIVE.

It’s always been the ethos of #LiveColourful to try new things, to enjoy fresh experiences, and to not allow our minds to be fenced in by the norm. Sonic landscapes are there to be explored, taste buds are there to be tickled, everything we aim to do is with the sole intent of prodding and pushing at boundaries.


Hence, we teamed Lethal Bizzle (Grime pioneer) with David Arnold (orchestral wizard) and Sinead Harnett (soul songstress), with a view to shattering people’s perceptions and challenging their preconceptions about Grime.

Could you match the music of the streets with the sounds of the symphonies? David Arnold, who has scored some of Hollywood’s biggest smashes, provides the backing track for Lethal and Sinead.

The live show was thrown open to the #LiveColourful masses who descended on One Mayfair to witness musical ground being broken, as Lethal, David and Sinead emerged backlit like musical angels brandishing a grime-orchestral masterpiece called “Come This Far”.

“The track is a celebration of my journey,” says Lethal . “Throw the rule book out, music has no boundaries.”

“Violins, beats, lyrics, rhythms, brass, distortion, guitars, samples…it’s all music,” agrees David Arnold. “If it sounds good then it is good. There’s no reason why Grime can’t meet Orchestra and this track is proof of how music knows no bounds.”

“Live strings encourage grime music to sound as powerful as it deserves to,” adds Sinead. And she’s right.

Enjoy the full story here…