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Bulmers Cider

The colourful Bulmers range has something for everyone from our Original Apple right through to Bold Black Cherry. Which one are you going to choose?

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The History of Bulmers

Our journey so far...

The first drop of Bulmers Cider was pressed by 20 year old H.P. 'Percy' Bulmer in 1887, using apples from the orchard at his father's rectory in Hereford.

Founder HP Percy Bulmer 1887 Bulmers cider company


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1887 Founded

H.P. "Percy" Bulmer founded our company in 1887. He left education early through illness, taught himself what he could and founded the greatest Cider Making company in the world today. You'll find his hard work rewarded with his name on every Bulmers bottle you drink.

Hereford Factory cider Bulmers


Our First Factory
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1888 Our First Factory

In 1888 we built a small factory in Ryelands Street, Hereford


Fred Joins Percy
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1889 Fred Joins Percy

Fred joins Percy, and they move to a bigger factory. Fred graduated from Cambridge and had been offered to tutor the king of Siam's children. Little did he know that he could have starred in "The King and I", which features Anna, Fred's replacement.

first trademark cider Bulmers


One Of Our First Trademarks
early cider mill Bulmers


An Early Cider Mill


Our First Bike
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1903 Our First Bike

All salesmen need an ego boost with a nice ride, and Bulmers' staff were no exception - here's their first ever motorbike, allowing them to spread Cider further and faster than before.

Durham modern process cider making Bulmers


DR Herbert Durham
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1905 DR Herbert Durham

Dr Herbert Durham becomes the director of research and pioneers modern cider-making processes that are still in place in the industry today. For the first time cider makers can produce large quantities of consistently good cider.

early advertising Bulmers


Early Advertising
royal recognition Bulmers


Royal Recognition
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1911 Royal Recognition

King George V recognised Bulmers' success in 1911 by rewarding us with the Royal Warrant, a title we hold to this day.

1919 Percy Dies

“I have never in my long life met anyone with such a natural gift of judgement. It almost amounted to a second sight. It was more due to his good judgement than anything else that we pulled through to the end.”

Fred on the road
global export cider Bulmers


Sending Bulmers Globally
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1933 Sending Bulmers Globally

By 1933 we were sending Bulmers out to even more thirsty customers… Bulmers is being exported to Egypt, Indo-China, Malaawi, New Zealand and Argentina.


Fred Passes Away


Naming our Tanks
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1960 Naming our Tanks

In 1960 we named our huge Steel Tanks (that hold all of your cider) after the planets…with the exception of Uranus, of course.

quality control cider Bulmers


Quality Control
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1964 Quality Control

Sitting is an important part of the Cider Making process and makes sure nothing unwanted gets into our bottles, but it used to be done manually, first by candlelight, then lamps.

apples cider Bulmers


Millionth Ton of Apples


Apollo XI
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1969 Apollo XI

In 1969 Apollo XI made history by bringing man to the moon, and to celebrate we named one of our Cider tanks after the mission. A few years later NASA delivered a present right back to us - the Apollo X capsule, which readied NASA for the full Moon landings, appeared in Hereford in time for one of our legendary cider festivals!


Office Snaps

Exactly 100 years after Percy first founded Bulmers, we were publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange

Livecolourful today Bulmers


Live Colourful
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Today Live Colourful

The Hereford apple trees are still happy and healthy and delivering the perfect base for our legendary cider year after year. These days we can be found celebrating weekends, relishing colour, bathing in rays of pure joy. Plus we’ve channeled every shade and hue on the colour spectrum into SEVEN glorious flavours of delicious Bulmers Cider. Cheers!

Please enjoy responsibly

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