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Bulmers Cider: From Branch to Bottle

Sarka Babicka

Here at Bulmers we know cider. We’ve been making it for well over 125 years, and in this time our trees have worked really hard to produce the apples to go into making your favourite Bulmers ciders. In fact, some orchards date back to the 1930s, so we thought we’d tell you a little about them and how the fruit gets from branch to bottle. The story starts in the beautiful county of Herefordshire on the border between England and Wales. As the historic home of our founder H.P. Bulmer, the area is perfect for orchards, with its rolling hills and ideal rainfall making conditions perfect for growing the highest quality cider apples. It’s no wonder cider lovers from all over the world travel to this part of the country to discover what goes in to making this refreshing drink.

Did you know? We keep records of every tree we’ve planted dating back to the 1930s.

Since our founding in 1887, we’ve become apple experts and know the perfect fruit for making cider. We work with around 180 local farmers, caring for over 1.75 million trees and helping them to reach their full potential. We use a range of apples – including bittersweet, sweets and sharps – to craft our drinks, making full use of our 10,000 acres of orchards to grow thousands of tonnes of British cider apples.

Sarka Babicka

Of course, growing the apples is just one part of the story. Every year, between September and December, teams of workers around the county start the harvest. This marks the start of the busiest time of the year in cider making, when apples are collected, washed and sent to be milled in Ledbury. During this short season we mill over 100,000 tonnes of apples.

 Did you know? Cider apples blossom later than regular apples.

From there the magic happens, as we mill the fruit and extract the juice which will help to create delicious Bulmers flavours for you to enjoy with friends. Whether it’s a Bulmers Original or one of our great flavoured ciders like Bold Black Cherry or Pressed Red Grape, you can be sure that years of experience go into making every bottle. To check out our full range of flavours click here, and next time you’re sipping on one of our drinks, why not think about the years of expertise that go into every bottle.

Sarka Babicka