This fruit cider is a delightful burst of mixed red berries on your tongue. With the sweet and tangy notes of raspberry, redcurrant and strawberry cut with the zesty hint of lime. For the ultimate refreshment, serve BULMERS Crushed Red Berries & Lime over ice. BULMERS is now made with 100% British apples sourced from local orchards, and is free from artificial flavourings, colours and sweeteners. Suitable for vegans.

ABV 4.0%
AROMA Fragrant, fruit (Strawberry and raspberry, lime, violet notes)
FLAVOUR Intense berry (raspberry, redcurrent and strawberry), and lime spritziness
MOUTHFEEL Light and spritzy
FINISH Strawberry cut with tangy lime
FOOD MATCH Tuna steak with lime, New York cheesecake
Fred and Percy Bulmer Cider Making Pioneers