The Orchard Project & Bulmers

Over the past five years, Bulmers and The Orchard Project have worked on creating and restoring over 200 community orchards.

Through their partnership they have worked with over 3,000 people and trained over 200 orchard leaders.

To celebrate BULMERS’ being 100% British and our partnership, we’ve teamed up with 60 Minute Makeover star Peter Andre and a team of volunteers in a race against the clock to restore an orchard in Manchester to its former glory. In just seven hours, we rallied together to plant trees, pave paths, restore signs and remove weeds - in time to hand back the orchard to the community in the evening with a celebration. The campaign aims to get more people in Britain to support a sustainable British industry and create more orchards at the heart of their communities.



There could be an orchard right on your doorstep! To get involved in the project, find your nearest orchard here:

Fred and Percy Bulmer Cider Making Pioneers